Post-doctoral positions

Post-doc: Microscopy/spectroscopy of single ions in GaN
Salary range : £31,604 (restricted due to funding)
FTE : 1.0
Term : Fixed (for 18 months)
Closing date : 04/12/2017

Prof. KP O’Donnell (SUPA Physics, Strathclyde) and co-investigator Dr. Paul Edwards are seeking a Research Associate to continue work on an EPSRC-funded project, entitled Hysteretic photochromic switching (HPS) of europium-magnesium defects in gallium nitride: a potential route to a new solid-state qubit. The successful candidate, responsible for the day-to-day running of the project, will possess advanced experimental skills in the spectroscopy of solid materials, preferably including III-nitride semiconductors. A familiarity with quantum technology would be an advantage. The Research Associate will liaise with project partners responsible for preparing samples in Cambridge, Lisbon and Warsaw, and collaborate with our Research Technician in the construction and commissioning of new microspectroscopic apparatus.

To be considered for the role, you will be educated to a minimum of PhD level in optical spectroscopy of solids, or have significant relevant experience in addition to a relevant degree. You will have familiarity with III-nitrides or other wide-gap semiconductors. The successful candidate will have a developing ability to conduct individual research work, to disseminate results and to prepare research proposals. You will have the ability to plan and organise your own workload effectively and to work within a team environment. You will have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to listen, engage and persuade, and to present complex information in an accessible way to a range of audiences.

Formal interviews for this post will be held in December 2017.

Informal enquiries about the post can be directed to K.P. O’Donnell,, +44 141 548 3365

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Posted 6th November 2017

PhD studentships

PhD studentships: Nanoanalysis of semiconductors and devices built from III-nitrides
There is potentially funding available for UK or EU students to carry out PhDs in our research group. For additional information please contact Professor Robert Martin, Dr Carol Trager-Cowan or Dr Ben Hourahine.

We investigate technologically important GaN-based semiconductor materials. Such materials underpin highly successful and growing technologies, such as LED lighting and power transistors, and also have great potential in developing technologies, such as UV emitters and solar energy converters, but deeper understanding of the materials is needed to ensure progress. We use advanced and developing scanning electron microscope based techniques such as electron channelling contrast imaging, cathodoluminescence and electron beam induced conductivity, to analyse the structural, optical and electrical properties of state-of-the-art III-nitride semiconductor structures down to the nanometer scale. The experimental data acquired is combined via software tools developed in the group to provide as much information as possible on the material and on the performance that can be delivered in subsequent devices. Experiments are guided and data interpreted through use of theoretical simulations and machine vision tools. New instrument development involving collaboration with academic and industrial partners is further expanding our materials’ characterisation capabilities. The GaN-based structures are provided from epitaxy specialists at collaborating groups at the Universities of Cambridge, Sheffield, Bath, Cork and Nottingham and from industry.

We welcome applications from potential PhD students interested in participating in research as described above.

Posted 20th April 2017