SUPA logoUniversity of Strathclyde logoThe Semiconductor Spectroscopy and Devices research group is part of the Nanoscience division of the Department of Physics at the University of Strathclyde. The Department is a member of the Scottish Universities Physics Alliance (SUPA).

Research interests

💎 Semiconductor materials and device issues:

ECCI of threading dislocations

🎇 Spatially and spectrally resolved luminescence:

GaN micropyramid CL

🔬 Advanced scanning electron microscopy techniques:

Electron backscatter diffraction pattern

⚛️ Experimental quantum nanoscience:


  • Physics and applications of polariton condensates in microcavities
  • Solid-state quantum systems for quantum information and nanophotonics
  • Hybrid polariton-quantum dot platforms for scalable quantum hardware

🧮️ Semiconductor quantum electronics (SEQUEL):

  • Semiconductor nanoscale systems
  • Quantum computing and quantum electrical metrology
  • Electrical initialisation and readout of spin qubits in SiC
  • Empowering Practical Interfacing of Quantum Computing (EPIQC)


📰 Group news

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💎 New - Interactive crystal models
Explore crystal structures, lattice planes and dislocations
Interactive crystal models
📖 Latest publications
  • [doi] Charlotte J. Eling, Naresh-Kumar Gunasekar, Paul R. Edwards, Robert W. Martin, and Nicolas Laurand. Silica coated colloidal semiconductor quantum dot supracrystal microlasers. In Quantum Dot Day, GBR, March 2022.
  • [doi] Assessing the impact of secondary fluorescence on X-ray microanalysis results from semiconductor thin films
  • [doi] The influence of threading dislocations propagating through an AlGaN UVC LED
  • [doi] Crystalline grain engineered CsPbIBr2 films for indoor photovoltaics
  • [doi] The impact of substrate miscut on the microstructure and photoluminescence efficiency of (0001) InGaN quantum wells grown by a two-temperature method
  • [doi] Investigation of unintentional indium incorporation into GaN barriers of InGaN/GaN quantum well structures
  • [doi] Indium clustering in a-plane InGaN quantum wells as evidenced by atom probe tomography
  • [doi] Effects of quantum well growth temperature on the recombination efficiency of InGaN/GaN multiple quantum wells that emit in the green and blue spectral regions

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