The Semiconductor Spectroscopy and Devices research group is part of the Nanoscience division of the Department of Physics at the University of Strathclyde. The Department is a member of the Scottish Universities Physics Alliance (SUPA).

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  • [doi] V. W. Yu, C. Campos, W. Dawson, A. García, V. Havu, B. Hourahine, W. P. Huhn, M. Jacquelin, W. Jia, M. Keçeli, R. Laasner, Y. Li, L. Lin, J. Lu, J. Moussa, J. E. Roman, Á. Vázquez-Mayagoitia, C. Yang, and V. Blum, “ELSI – An open infrastructure for electronic structure solvers,” Computer Physics Communications, 2019.
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  • [doi] M. V. Yakushev, A. V. Rodina, R. P. Seisyan, Y. E. Kitaev, S. A. Vaganov, M. A. Abdullaev, A. V. Mudryi, T. V. Kuznetsova, C. Faugeras, and R. W. Martin, “Electronic energy band parameters of CuInSe2 : Landau levels in magnetotransmission spectra,” Physical Review B: Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, vol. 100, iss. 23, 2019.
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  • [doi] B. M. Jablon, K. Mingard, A. Winkelmann, G. Naresh-Kumar, B. Hourahine, and C. Trager-Cowan, “Subgrain structure and dislocations in WC-Co hard metals revealed by electron channelling contrast imaging,” International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials, 2019.
  • [doi] M. V. Yakushev, M. A. Sulimov, J. Márquez-Prieto, I. Forbes, P. R. Edwards, V. D. Zhivulko, O. M. Borodavchenko, A. V. Mudryi, J. Krustok, and R. W. Martin, “A luminescence study of Cu₂ZnSnSe₄/Mo/glass films and solar cells with near stoichiometric copper content,” Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, vol. 36, p. 61208, 2019.
  • [doi] V. Brien, P. R. Edwards, P. Boulet, and K. P. O’Donnell, “Room temperature cathodoluminescence quenching of Er³⁺ in AlNOEr,” Journal of Luminescence, vol. 205, p. 97–101, 2019.